Latest SPARK Award Recipients

Announcing the 2024 SPARK Award Recipients

Thanks to our partners who helped support these projects:

Stanford MCHRI, BioX, and the Dean’s Office


Gerald Crabtree and Nathanael Gray

Title: Rewiring the cell signaling pathways to specifically activate cell death in cancer


Kaavya Krishna Kumar, Evan O’Brien and Brian Kobilka

Title: Discovery of novel modulators for the treatment of neuropathic pain


Evertt Meyer, Phil Kim and Jennifer Cochran

Title: Next Generation Immune Tolerance Conditioning


Ramrada Lekwuttikarn and Joyce Teng

Title: Pilot study using topical treatments for the Infantile Hemangioma


Gary Darmstadt, Peter Elias and Chuck Friedman

Title: Optimized emollient mixture for enhanced skin barrier function and health of preterm infants


Carolyn Lee and Ankit Srivastava

Title: Targeting cancer metastasis by perineural invasion


Marta Arenas Jal and Janene Fuerch

Title: A pharmacologic approach to prevent severe perineal lacerations during vaginal delivery


Xijun Zhu, Woong Sub Byun and Nathanael Gray

Title: Bivalent molecules to treat intractable pancreatic cancers


Viktoria Schiel and Peter Santa Maria

Title: A screen to identify therapeutics targeting induced sensory hearing loss


Edward Eid and Jean Tang

Title: Hydrogel for the treatment of Pediatric Cutaneous Pyogenic Granuloma


Patrick Purdon, Gustavo Balanza Villegas and Akriti Pandit

Title: Towards a novel opioid formulation


Celeste Diaz, Ryan Kashanchi and Basel Karim

Title: A therapeutic approach for progressive external ophthalmoplegia