Partnering and Business Opportunities

Partnering and Business Opportunities:


If interested in any of these projects, please contact Jeewon Kim, Business Development Manager of SPARK


Indication Modality Number Description
Cardiovascular Small Molecule sk09111

Novel target to treat heart failure through agonist activity. Proof-of-concept animal studies supported link between target signaling and cardiac function.

Gene Therapy Gene/Cell Therapy sk10134

Innovative platform to enhance Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapy. Identified a host factor to improve AAV infection for all serotypes and cell types.

Gene Therapy, Pediatrics Gene/Cell Therapy sk12163

Transient telomere extension using TERT mRNA for patients with Idiopathic lung fibrosis, chronic liver disease (CLD), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), bone marrow failure (BMF), and skin diseases. Company Name: Rejuvenation. INTERACT meeting completed. Looking for clinical co-development partnership.

Hematology, Immunology Antibiotic, Gene/Cell Therapy sk08095

Therapeutic monoclonal antibody to treat acute graft versus host disease (GVHD) (orphan disease).

Immunology Small Molecule sk08086

SM to prevent progression of fibrotic autoimmune disease. Phase 1 and animal data available (orphan).

Metabolic Small Molecule sk08096

Small molecule inducer of beta cell regeneration for treatment of type 2 diabetes. Lead compound optimization on-going.

Metabolic Small Molecule sk08091

Novel targets for induction of brown fat from white fat to treat obesity. Preparing high-throughput screening to identify small molecule inhibitors.

Metabolic, Oncology Diagnostic sk08093

Inexpensive, point-of-care diagnostic to measure chemotherapy-induced hyperammonemia (“chemo brain”) and inborn errors of ammonia metabolism (recently formed a startup).


Neurology Small Molecule sk09104

Novel small molecule to treat neurodegenerative diseases by modulating microglia. Animal efficacy in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) animal models of disease. Company Name: Tranquis Therapeutics

Neurology Antibody sk09114

Novel antibodies plus companion imaging agent to detect and treat toxic inflammatory age-related diseases. Company Name: Willow Therapeutics

Neurology Small Molecule sk12162

Developing small molecule, tissue-selective agonists for the treatment of disorders associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, including neurodegenerative disorders (ie. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease) and retinal degenerative disorders (ie, Age-related macular degeneration). Company Name: Evvia

Neurology Small Molecule sk13174

Identified the cause of a mitophagy defect present in Parkinson’s disease patients, consisting of both genetic and sporadic patients. Using this initial discovery, built and validated a mitophagy drug discovery platform, which includes a peripheral biomarker. Company Name: AcureX

Platform Gene/Cell Therapy, Vaccine sk12158

Charge –Altering Releasable Transporters (CARTS): New materials enable a new platform technology for gene delivery, vaccinations, and cancer immunotherapy