SPARK was created to capitalize on Stanford’s unique resources by removing some of the obstacles inherent in advancing research discoveries from the bench to the bedside.

Such obstacles include the need for unique—and costly—dedicated core facilities and services, the specialized knowledge required for drug discovery and development, and the funding gap for projects in the applied research phase (between basic science discovery and clinical application).

There is an inherent risk that early-stage programs will fail during development, no matter how promising the science. Such nascent programs are unlikely to attract interest from industry until they have been further proven, and very little funding is available from the NIH, foundations, or private enterprise for this critical transition. SPARK emphasizes new ways of thinking about bridging this gap.

SPARK provides access to specialized knowledge and technical expertise regarding drug and diagnostic development, dedicated core laboratory facilities, sources of funding to support translational efforts.

SPARK provides a cost-effective model to generate proof of concept, using industry standards.

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