For Academics Outside Stanford

Want to get involved?  Here are some options.

Establish SPARK at Home Institution

The SPARK model for translational research can be replicated at other academic institutions as a cost-effective way to facilitate development of research discoveries into novel therapeutics or diagnostics.

Key Aspects Required for SPARK Model Success

  • Strong foundation in basic and clinical research
  • Local resource of highly-skilled industry advisors
  • Seed money to fund drug development projects

SPARK program at Stanford,is consulting with multiple institutions to establish translational research programs based on the SPARK model. 

We are happy to provide (free or at cost) the following:

  • Technical details about our model, selection criteria, experiences, etc
  • Our curriculum
  • SPARK text book »
  • Access to select lectures

Once we reach a critical mass, we will be holding a yearly SPARK conference, where the programs in institutes throughout the US and elsewhere will share their achievements.  This forum can also showcase projects that are ready for licensing.  To promote this, we will also invite industry partners and investors.

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